Protect Your Family

Life insurance provides security for your loved ones in case of an unexpected event. Customized policies are created to fit your needs and provide the best care for your family. Policies can also be written for seniors.

Businesses can utilized life insurance to protect partnerships or create "Golden Handcuffs" to retain quality employees. It also provides liquid cash and is a great way to generate income for children.



Retire with Peace of Mind

Long-term care insurance allows people to stay in their homes longer by paying for in-home care. It also provides significant financial protections by covering medical expenses.

A stand-alone policy assists protects assets. High-bred life and long-term care policies are available. 



Protect Yourself and Your Family

Disability insurance replaces income when physically or mentally disabled.It provides financial security above and beyond health insurance.

Disability and life insurance can be combined to protect assets during an unexpected and disabling event.



Income for Life

Annuities are a safe option that guarantees no loss of investment or principal. Also, there are no fees and provides an income stream for life.


An annuity can cover all fixed-expenses during retirement and is a good option for risk adverse clients. 


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